Wilkinson wins big in Channel Nine debacle

Channel Nine’s refusal to pay former Today Show co-host Lisa Wilkinson the same salary as Karl Stefanovic has returned dividends for the woman in question.

New Idea

Image: New Idea

It may seem like a loss for the gender equality campaign, but upon closer examination it is apparent that Nine’s decision unearths a number of benefits for Wilkinson.

PR Disaster


Image: JOSIC Media

At the top of that list of pros is the obvious PR disaster.

The ABC and various other news sources have already highlighted that a story of this volume will have (and is already having) a horrendous backlash for the Nine Network.

Considering that Wilkinson was asking for $2 million and Nine was willing to go as high as $1.8 it’s an appalling financial decision.

Let me be clear, both proposed salaries are heinously high considering the low quality of journalism or ‘infotainment’ that the Today Show presents, but this opinion is neither here nor there.

The reality for Nine is that they have created a lot of unwanted press for themselves over a relatively small amount of money for the media giant.

New Job

Wilkinson announced via twitter last night that she has already accepted a job at Channel Ten as part of The Project for 2018.

“In a career that has spanned magazines, radio, television and digital media, Lisa has established herself as a leading figure in the Australian media industry,” Ten chief content officer Beverley McGarvey said.

It’s not really for me to say but after a decade in the one chair I’d say Wilkinson would be looking forward to a change of furniture.

Sleep Ins

If reports are to be believed, Wilkinson was rising at three in the morning to fulfill her duties as a reporter on the Today Show.

Pop Key

Image: PopKey

No Karl

And of course, the absolute cherry on top of the multi-million dollar cake, never again does Lisa Wilkinson have to spend the morning listening to the dribble that comes out of Karl Stefanovic’s mouth.

Lisa and Karl

Image: News.com.au

Come to think of it, never again does she need to be part of a program that blatantly cross promotes its own network and has the audacity to put those stories under the heading of ‘news’.

I’m not trying to suggest there is no wage gap or that pay disparity is a non-issue in this country, but seriously, no Karl? No worries.


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