Birdlike Weekly

S2, Ep4 – Dumbledore’s Watermelon

In the wake of Kappa’s severe illness, TK and Jack admirably solider on. In spit of the grief, the duo no doubt rise to the challenge. It’s difficult to remember ever feeling so moved.

S2, Ep3 – The Christmas Special

Ho ho ho! Jack, TK, Kappa and Bernard are back with a festive special. Amid the seasonal cheer and spontaneous carolling it’s difficult to get a straight sentence in, but see if you can catch one!

S2, Ep2 – Excel-lent Management

Ah September – that time of year when finals footy is the acronym on the east-coasters’ lips. Amid a few poorly researched remarks about rugby union and US Open tennis, Jack, TK, Kappa and JB reflect on the regular season that was and look ahead to the most exciting few weeks on the NRL calendar.

S2, Ep1 – You Know the Rules

The boys are back and they’re as silly as ever! In Episode 1 of Season 2, they get stuck into McGregor’s Dragons, enjoy a little classical music and bring back an old favourite in Show & Don’t Tell.

S1, Ep13 – Wet Lasagne

It’s all happening; the Wimbledon semi-finals are underway, the World Cup Final is around the corner and the lads are as off the ball as ever.

S1, Ep12 – Blame it on the Boogie

Rugby league reject, Jon-Bernard Kairouz, joins the team to talk World Cup diving, Finch’s record knock and LeBron’s exit from Cleveland. TK doodles, Kappa giggles and Jack details a new mystery item in Show & Don’t Tell.

S1, Ep11 – Chin & Tonic

TK returns from Oman to join Kappa and Jack as they discuss the FIFA World Cup, the NRL Rookie of the Year contenders and NBA free-agency, all over a Saturday morning brew. TK shows off his new found love of doodling, but fails to guess Jack’s mystery item in Show & Don’t Tell.

S1, Ep10 – Nude Camels

Jack and Kappa delve into some of the big issues dominating sport headlines while TK reports live on the FIFA World Cup from Moscow, Russia. The fellas chat all things Lakers, West Tigers and ODI cricket and Kappa tries and fails to guess Jack’s mystery item in Show & Don’t Tell.

S1, Ep9 – Leb Ron

TK expresses his love of Thai food during a conversation about Irish Rugby while Jack tells the story of how LeBron James got his name. TK tries and fails to guess Jack’s mystery item in Show & Don’t Tell.

S1, Ep8 – The Dangers of Walking

The fellas get serious about Callum Mills’ season ending foot injury, the Penrith Panthers’ premiership prospects and Australia’s mixed opening round at Roland Garros. Kappa wonders who the nation’s most influential athletes are while TK tries and fails to guess Jack’s mystery item in Show and Don’t Tell.

S1, Ep7 – This is my Moussaka

The fellas chat ESPN, Cricket Australia’s shirt sponsors and the Curtis Scott v Dylan Walker controversy. Kappa offers his view on Steph Curry’s troubling living situation and TK tries and fails to guess Jack’s mystery item in Show and Don’t Tell.

S1, Ep6 – The Chase (US)

TK and Jack are joined by Kappa to talk Novak Djokovic, the HIA rule, Ireland’s debut test match and Cameron Smith’s representative retirement. Kappa reveals his NSW Origin side while TK fails once again to guess Jack’s mystery item.

S1, Ep5 – Frozen Coke

Kappa joins TK and Jack to talk NBA finals, State of Origin and Justin Langer. The fellas introduce a new segment – Kappa’s corner, while TK tries and fails once again to guess Jack’s mystery item in ‘Show and Don’t Tell’.

S1, Ep4 – Goals & Tolls

In episode 4, Jack and TK discuss the gelling of Melbourne, the AFL’s Western Derby and ponder the possible consequences for an own goal. TK has a crack at guessing Jack’s mystery item in ‘Show and Don’t Tell’.

S1, Ep3 – Five in the Bin

In episode 3, Jack is joined by guests Jonty and TK to talk all things league, sin bins, Arsene Wenger, the Matildas and TK’s wet weather experience.

S1, Ep2 – Commonwealth Perspective

In episode 2, Jack discusses the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony, Cricket Australia’s historic broadcasting deal and St George’s run of form.

S1, Ep1 – Persecutory Delusions

In this week’s episode Jack discusses the Israel Folau controversy, Michael Clarke’s post-retirement back-pedalling and the media’s treatment of Emily Seebohm.