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Stadium dollars don’t add up

The NSW Government’s proposal to knock down and rebuild two existing stadiums to the tune of $2 billion lacks reasoning on all levels. When considered in light of well-publicised lobbying by powerful interests – namely the SCG Trust, home to such notables as radio shock-jock Alan Jones, John Hartigan (ex-CEO of News Ltd.) and former premier Barry O’Farrell – the

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Cricket Australia sold us out

As the dust settles on Cricket Australia’s historic broadcasting deal with Channel Seven and Foxtel, cricket fans are beginning to examine the consequences of change and considering how the deal will affect their viewing experience. The deal totalled a mammoth $1.2 billion and the repercussions are far more severe than the abolition of the classic Wide World of Sports theme

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Beyond employment – the function of a law degree

Don’t study law unless you really want to be a lawyer. That was the blunt advice Australian Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull offered future high school graduates on Canberra radio late last week. The PM, a law graduate himself, spoke frankly about the amount of school leavers opting to study law in lieu of other broad humanities degrees like literature, history

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Wilkinson wins big in Channel Nine debacle

Channel Nine’s refusal to pay former Today Show co-host Lisa Wilkinson the same salary as Karl Stefanovic has returned dividends for the woman in question. It may seem like a loss for the gender equality campaign, but upon closer examination it is apparent that Nine’s decision unearths a number of benefits for Wilkinson. PR Disaster At the top of that

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Straddling the line between scepticism and stupidity

For years people from both ends of the political spectrum have defended Tony Abbott’s intelligence, some because they agree with him and others because the idea that a former democratically elected Prime Minister could be as dimwitted as he appears says more about us than it does of him. Through every clanger, grammatical slip up and nationally broadcasted faux pas,

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