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‘Trumbull’ faux pas casts gloom over Aus-US relations

Down under, just about every well-adjusted adult likes to think of themselves as a self-deprecating larrikin, with a happy-go-lucky spring in their step that’s as difficult to dampen as a Waratah in January. That being said, it’s likely that several Australian egos took a beating after White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s butchering of our Prime Minister’s name. Following what can

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Trump’s policy, shocking to those that weren’t listening

It hasn’t even been two weeks since Donald Trump assumed the presidency and already he’s rolled out the blueprints for most of his major policies. An anti-muslim immigration plan, archaic position on border control and an active stance on climate change denial all sound extreme, even ludicrous. But are they surprising? If someone had told you constantly for the past 18 months

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Australia to honour Paris agreement despite pressure to follow Trump

Barnaby Joyce has reiterated Australia’s position on renewable energy by confirming that the coalition will honour the Paris climate change agreement. The Deputy Prime Minister made it clear that a US backflip on the agreement would not affect Australia’s position despite calls from coalition members and Tony Abbott to scrap current targets. ‘We are not […]

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